Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yes, Of Course Bristol Palin Has A New Reality TV Show, Why Wouldn’t She

Did you know that when you are a PR writer and you send our press releases you are supposed to write the headlines for those press releases as if they were the headlines of a legitimate news source? The sick fantasy of every PR flack is of course that some bleary-eyed editor will see your release come over the wire, grunt exhaustedly, and just run it as-is, headline and all, and this being the year 2012 and all news now being on the Internet, that probably happens pretty much constantly.

 Still, there is a line that even the most bone-tired Web drone will not cross, and that line is crossed multiple times in the following headline: “HIGHLY ANTICIPATED DOCUSERIES, BRISTOL PALIN: LIFE’S A TRIPP, TO PREMIERE TUESDAY, JUNE 19TH, ON LIFETIME.” Do you anticipate hate-watching TV? Do you anticipate it highly? Well, mark your calendar, in your own blood!

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