Saturday, May 12, 2012

Romney Remains Firm On ‘Right’ Of Gays To Adopt For Almost Entire Day

Mitt Romney has a thing (one) he has stood firm on, and that is that he is against gay marriage. Sure, there was a time as governor of Massachusetts when he managed to be on both sides of the issue simultaneously, both directing his administration to comply with state judges’ “Goodridge” ruling allowing gays to marry while at the very same time working to get backing for an amendment to repeal it. (While he’d run for Senate saying he would be better for gay rights than Ted Kennedy, he also almost managed to abolish an anti-bullying commission for the state’s students, because he thought their pride parade was tacky. 

This excellent LA Times story has the head-scratching tick-tock.) But he has always said ick, nast to gay marriage while saying gays had a right to adopt. (So just not to have a legal, stable family framework for the children they raise.) That avowal, last espoused on Thursday, was operative for what might be a Romney Consistency Record: almost a full day! READ MORE »

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