Thursday, May 10, 2012

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-10-12

Right-Wing Media Mock WH Adviser For Accurately Portraying Obesity As A National Security Threat
Right-wing media are attacking Sam Kass, White House assistant chef and senior policy adviser on healthy food initiatives, for calling rising obesity rates a national security threat. But military experts have noted that high obesity rates threaten military enrollment and readiness. Read More

Fox News Misrepresents EPA Climate Rule
Fox News reporter Doug McKelway falsely reported that EPA's proposed greenhouse gas rule requires coal plants to install carbon capture and storage technology and could shut down up to 25 percent of coal-fired power. In fact, the rule applies only to future coal plants, which few companies planned to build anyway due to competition from natural gas. Read More

Right-Wing Media Attempt To Deflect Attention From Obama's Pro-Marriage Equality Stand
After President Obama's historic announcement that he is in favor of marriage equality, many in the right-wing media are refusing to debate the substance of same-sex marriage. Instead, they are casting about for ways to attack Obama's position on marriage that ignore the actual debate. Read More

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