Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars) Declares Allegiance to Socialist-Run Switzerland

Who was so excited to learn that Michele Bachmann is now the proud owner of a Swiss passport? The seven thousand belligerent tipsters who wrote in DEMANDING IN THE STRONGEST POSSIBLE TERMS AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF HORRIFIED OUTRAGE FROM YOUR WONKETTE ARE VERY EXCITED.

 Do you know that this all-caps screaming sometimes makes your Wonkette slightly less inclined than normal to type up a dumb thing about Michele Bachmann? Anyway, here is our official position: Your Wonkette expresses its profound condolences to Switzerland in light of its recent acquisition of loudmouth nutjob Michele Bachmann to its citizenship rolls. She is a well-to-do lady who is very adept at wheedling money out of the government to buy herself expensive homes, so watch out for her, Switzerland. She is already trying to butter you up. READ MORE »

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