Thursday, May 10, 2012

House Armed Services Committee Busy Debating Whether Old Testament Is Or Is Not In The Bible

Oh, gays, why are you forcing all these legislators to waste time attacking you when there are issues of significance to attend to? Latest? Oh, just the House Armed Services Committee taking time out of its important work of mandating $5 billion for a missile defense system on the East Coast that the Pentagon says it does not want, in order to do the more important work of making sure all you filthy Don’t Ask Don’t Tellers can’t have “marriage-like ceremonies” on military bases, and that military chaplains can scream and thunder at your abominationable ways. 

Which brings us, of course, to the Bible. What is in it? Most people would say “The Old Testament and the New Testament.” (Some people would natter on for a while about the Gnostic Gospels or whatever.) But that is not what some dude from Georgia thinks! READ MORE »

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