Friday, May 11, 2012

Romney Fans To Gobble Down Sex Pills At Posh Fundraiser

Real Americans everywhere are recoiling in disgust at Mitt Romney’s latest campaign move: He’s inviting the wealthiest plutocrats to dine with him on Star Island, a literally insular retreat of the rich and powerful near Miami. The fat cats will have to pony up $50,000 apiece just to bask in Mitt’s presence, with the campaign accountants using some kind of jiggery pokery to make a mockery of the legal limits on campaign contributions

Here, the 1 percent will eat gold-plated quail livers and plot their continuing class war against … haha, just kidding, nobody is at all angry about a standard fundraising tactic enjoyed by Democratic and Republican candidates alike! But there is a wee bit of outrage over the fact that the host of this event is the Chairman of the Board of the company that makes a popular emergency contraceptive, which means that this event is basically the equivalent of Mitt Romney sending nuns to Auschwitz.

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