Friday, May 11, 2012

Fox News Worries About Extinction (Its Own)

As Rupert Murdoch’s News International (UK subsidiary of American company News Corp) saga continues in Blimeyland, Americans may not give two faggots about it. But there’s an eentsy beentsy spider of a chance that if Murdoch’s media ship sinks, Fox News might eventually be the last ones on deck singing Nearer My God To Thee. So, listen up while we drop some knowledge.

A British parliamentary committee report released recently, based on the results of the ongoing Leveson inquiry, has already deemed Murdoch “not a fit person” to run an international company. These happen to be the exact words used in the British Broadcast Act as a reason for someone to be denied a broadcast TV license. While the report doesn’t result in any jail time for Murdoch, it kills Murdoch’s chances at grabbing full ownership of SkyTV (British cable news company) and/or he could lose all 39% of his existing shares. Couldn’t happen to a more horrible guy! READ MORE »

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