Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-22-12

"Socialist BS": Right-Wing Media Attack Obama's Joplin Commencement Speech
Right-wing media responded to President Obama's May 21 high school commencement speech in Joplin, Missouri, by claiming that Obama "preache[d] socialist BS," called for "military-style community action during crises," and that he "uncorked a campaign speech." Read More

Limbaugh Perverts Obama's Rejection Of Trickle-Down Economics Into An Attack On America
President Obama has said that relentless deregulation and tax cuts -- "you're on your own" economics -- don't result in a strong economy and have "never worked." Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly twisted these words and falsely claimed that Obama is attacking "capitalism" and America itself. Read More

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