Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mitt Romney Did Not Say Any of the Things You Heard Him Say

Who ELSE can Romney offend, now that he is done insulting England, praising socialism (seriously), scheduling a $50,000 per plate fundraiser on a national day of fasting set aside to commemorate Holocaust victims, making thinly veiled anti-Semitic comments praising Israel’s “business acumen,”and basically telling Palestinians that they suck for being poor?  A Palestinian official summed up our thoughts exactly when he said, “What is this man doing here? Yesterday, he destroyed negotiations by saying Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and today he is saying Israeli culture is more advanced than Palestinian culture.” Indeed. What IS this man doing here, and would you like to exchange him for Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann, because we can maybe work that out for you! Anyway, you are thinking that there is no one left that he can possibly insult, but you are WRONG, there is someone, and it is you and your intelligence.

GOP Report Finds No Connection Between White House And ‘Fast And Furious’

GOP Report Finds No Connection Between White House And ‘Fast And Furious’

Despite insistence from GOP leadership that the White House was behind the so-called “Fast and Furious” gunwalking program, a report from House Republicans released Tuesday names five officials at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms as culprits in the misguided effort. All five were reassigned before the release of the report — the first of three. The indictments in the report contradict House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) insistence that the President invoked executive privilege over the Justice Department’s information on ongoing investigations to protect his personal interests. The indication, however, is that the upcoming reports will try to tie the President to the program. It will “address the unprecedented obstruction of the investigation by the highest levels of the Justice Department, including the attorney general himself,” according to the Republicans who wrote the report. 

Republican Candidate In Arizona Accused Of Voter Fraud


While Republicans trying to justify voter suppression bills continue to struggle to find any actual cases of voter fraud, once again a Republican politician may be the exception that proves the rule.
While voter fraud is exceedingly rare — a person is more likely to be hit by lightning than to commit it — then-Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White (R-IN) was convicted of it earlier this year. Now, a candidate for Pinal County Supervisor in Arizona has dropped out amid questions about who cast ballots on behalf of his long-deceased girlfriend.
The Arizona Republic reports:
A Pinal County supervisor candidate has withdrawn from the race in the wake of voter-fraud allegations involving a former companion who, records show, has continued to vote by absentee ballot in the five years since her death. John Enright, 66, had been seeking the Republican nomination for county supervisor of District 5, an area that includes Apache Junction and Gold Canyon. …
His statement made no mention of the scandal unleashed in an anonymous, undated letter sent several weeks ago to the Pinal County Recorder’s Office. As recently as this year, the letter alleged, someone had been filling out and mailing in absentee ballots addressed to a woman who died on Feb. 3, 2007. The woman, Sheila Nassar, and Enright lived together at the time of her death.
Enright has not been charged with any crime and told the Arizona press “I look forward to learning more about these allegations. If they are indeed formal allegations, I will defend myself. I very much look forward to clearing my name.”
But if Enright was indeed casting ballots in his late girlfriend’s name, he would be guilty of what the Pinal County Recorder called “an absolute act of fraudulent voting” — and a Class 6 felony.
Voter identification laws would have done nothing to prevent the sort of absentee ballot fraud alleged here. And the fact that this is already a felony shows that laws already on the books are clearly sufficient to punish this exceedingly rare crime.

Stocks Rally Due To Romney Win 100 Days In Future, CNBC Declares With Straight Face

The stock market. What is it? It is a collection, or “cooperative,” of people who throw bits of paper in the air and scream their faces off. If you are rich, it gives you muneez. If you are poor, it gives your boss muneez. When the stock market goes down, that is because everyone hates the president, but when it goes up, that is because everyone hates the president. If anything, it just makes too much sense! Let us ask CNBC to explain why a stock market surge is due to investors betting on a Romney win, despite the fact that Mitt Romney is not, in fact, actually winning. READ MORE »

Obama Campaign Video: Seven Mitt Romney Lies in Two Minutes

Chronicling Mitt Romney's Lies on the Campaign Trail

Mitt Romney's lying problem - The Rachel Maddow Show (May 31st, 2012)

PolitiFact | All False statements(LIES) involving Mitt Romney

President Obama was saying success "is the result of government," not "hard-working people," when he said, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

Says stimulus money went to buy electric cars from Finland as a payback to Obama supporters.

" ‘Obamacare’ puts the federal government between you and your doctor."

Says Dow Chemical decided to build a plant in Saudi Arabia rather than Oklahoma due to the impact of environmental regulations on the supply of natural gas.

"Obamacare … means that for up to 20 million Americans, they will lose the insurance they currently have, the insurance that they like and they want to keep."

"Obamacare adds trillions to our deficits and to our national debt."

When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, "we didn’t just slow the rate of growth of our government, we actually cut it."

Says Barack Obama "is the only president to ever cut $500 billion from Medicare."

"The president gave the (auto) companies to the UAW."

"This president went before the United Nations and castigated Israel for building settlements. He said nothing about thousands of rockets being rained in on Israel from the Gaza Strip."

Says President Barack Obama has opened up no new trade relationships with other nations.

Eliminating "Obamacare" ... "saves $95 billion a year."

Says the National Labor Relations Board told Boeing that it couldn’t build a factory in South Carolina because South Carolina is a right-to-work state.

"Only one president has ever cut Medicare for seniors in this country . . . Barack Obama."

Repealing the health care law "would save $95 billion in 2016."

Says Barack Obama "never worked in the private sector" before he was elected president.

Says the National Labor Relations Board told Boeing that it "can't build a factory in a non-union state."

"This is the slowest job recovery since Hoover."

"Today there are more men and women out of work in America than there are people working in Canada."

Several times, Obama "has apologized for what he deems to be American arrogance, dismissiveness, and derision; for dictating solutions, for acting unilaterally ... ."


"He (Obama) has done several things well. Most of those things are places where he changed his view from where he had during the campaign. So, for instance, he's left our troops in Iraq and they're being more successful there. He boosted our effort in Afghanistan, which is the right course to take. He did not close Guantanamo, thank heavens."

"I was pretty proud of being the only guy on the stage that ever had a job in the private sector."

"I don't have lobbyists running my campaign."

"I just talked about guns. I told you what my position was, and what I did as governor, the fact that I received the endorsement of the NRA."

The Red Sox waited "87 long years" to win the World Series.

"The Z-visa that was offered in that Senate bill let everybody who's here illegally, other than criminals, stay here for the rest of their lives."