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Reporter Pens Damning Resignation After Writing Story On GOPer's Threat


The reporter, Springfield, Illinois bureau chief Dave McKinney, wrote a long letter about how after he co-wrote the story he was put on leave by the Sun-Times. He also described how, when he came back to the paper, he was "advised" not to have his byline on reporting related to the company that Rauner and his business associate argued over.
He noted that he was pulled off his beat and his reporting for that day was "removed inexplicably from the Sun-Times website."
McKinney, in his letter, did note that top members of the Sun-Times defended him against criticism from the Rauner campaign. McKinney also noted that the Sun-Times recently broke a three year no-endorsement policy and backed Rauner. McKinney suggested that there had been a "breach" in the wall between the owners of the paper and the newsroom. He concluded the letter saying that under the circumstances he had to resign.
He wrote, "I’m convinced this newspaper no longer has the backs of reporters like me."
"We reporters have a healthy suspicion of both parties and candidates," McKinney wrote. "It’s our job. It’s regrettable that this issue has emerged in the homestretch of an important election in Illinois, but respectfully, this isn’t about either candidate or the election. It’s about readers and their trust in us. So my decision could not wait. I hate to leave, but I must."
"And so, it is with great sadness today that I tender my immediate resignation from the Sun-Times."
In response, the Rauner campaign said the Sun-Times decision to post the story was "irresponsible" according to CBS's Chicago affiliate. Trover also said that McKinney had "an extraordinary conflict of interest" given that he is married to Democratic political operative Ann Liston.
Read McKinney's full letter, posted to his wordpress blog, here.
Rauner is the Republican candidate trying to defeat Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D). The TPM Polltracker finds Rauner with a slim 0.3 point lead over Quinn..................................

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Bing - NFL Predictions Week 7 ( Record This Week 11 - 4 )

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Bing - NFL Predictions Week 6 ( Record This Week 11 - 4 )

GOP Nominee For Wisconsin AG Says He Would Defend Interracial Marriage Ban


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Wednesday that Wisconsin Democrats were blasting Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel over comments he made last month on the cable access program "Eye On Oshkosh."
Schimel was asked about interracial marriage bans in the context of his position on Wisconsin's gay marriage ban, which he said he would defend in court. Here's the exchange:
HOST: "But if you had been attorney general in, say, the 1950s, in a state that did not allow interracial marriage, do you think the proper role of an attorney general then was to not put himself or herself into the mix and say this is wrong?" SCHIMEL: "Yeah, it is."
HOST: "Your job is to uphold the law, even if it's something that we might look back in the future and say that's absurd?"
SCHIMEL: "It might be distasteful to me. I've got to stay consistent with that. As the state's lawyer, it's not my job to pick and choose."
Schimel released a statement Wednesday that addressed those comments and pivoted to his Democratic opponent, Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ, and her stated opposition to Wisconsin's gay marriage ban.
"Love and the law are colorblind, as they should be," he said, as quoted by the Journal-Sentinel. "Many shameful, racist laws were changed over the course of time in this country by legislators, the courts and the people's direct votes. But if Susan Happ wants to make up new laws, or change old ones, she's running for the wrong job."
The Supreme Court refused to review the seven same-sex marriage cases before it on Monday, allowing gay couples to marry without delay in Wisconsin............................