Friday, July 27, 2012

Mitt Romney So Angry About Bust Of Churchill Still Being In The White House Just Like Always, We Guess

So this is a thing that idiot bloggers love to write about, how Barack Obama insulted the Queen by hurling the bust of Winston Churchill right at her vagina, instead of keeping it forever, for ‘bating on. And Mitt Romney, who takes all his cues from Ghost Andrew Breitbart these days, tried to make it a thing too, yesterday, after Day One of his National Lampoon European Vacation. “Blah blah blah,” he said, flop-sweatily, “You live here, you see the sites day in and day out, but for me as I drive past the sculpture of Winston Churchill and see that great sculpture next to Westminster Abbey and Parliament and with him larger than life, enormous heft of that sculpture suggesting the scale of the the grandeur and the greatness of the man, it tugs at the heart strings to remember the kind of example that was led by Winston Churchill.” And he will return that bust to where it belongs! America! Except what? The bust of Winston Churchill is still in the White House, just like always? Because the entire thing is made up, again? How weird. READ MORE »

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