Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney Campaign Responds To Bain Controv– OH MY GOD LOOK OVER THERE IT’S CONDI RICE!

So here we were, the Great Big American Family, watching the Obama campaign just beating the dickens out of a cornered Mitt Romney and all of his secret Bain Capital overlord-for-life titles. Didn’t it seem pretty bad, relative to these other stupid nonsense gaffe days? Just look at Stephanie Cutter! Stephanie Cutter, the Obama spokesperson, calling Romney a possible felon yesterday afternoon was the most baller campaign move we’ve seen in some time from this pathetic limping death hole of an ostensibly left-of-center political party. But maybe the attacks weren’t really all that damaging — one of those “secret internal polls say opposite of all public polls” type deals. Hmm, we’ll see. BUT THEN, LAST NIGHT: a sudden blast of 900 billion emails from Mitt Romney’s campaign about his VP selection process, along with a fat “CONDI FOR VEEEPEPEPEPEP??” leak to Drudge? Why, this attempted topic switch had all the trappings of a diversion! Diversion us away, sweet Romney flacks, wherever you’ll have us. READ MORE »

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