Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-08-12

Fox's Bolling Is Oblivious To Positive Changes In Economy Under Obama
Fox's Eric Bolling said that "there isn't one" economic metric that has improved since President Obama took office. In fact, the economy stopped shrinking and started growing since Obama's inauguration, private-sector jobs and exports have increased, and employment turned from sharp declines to growth. Read More

What Buffett Really Said About The Buffett Rule
Right-wing media claimed that Warren Buffett "blast[ed]" the Buffett rule and that he "isn't totally in favor" of it, citing a CNBC interview in which Buffett said the rule is a "small improvement" that "doesn't cure all revenue problems." But during that interview, Buffett said that he's "fine" with the rule as introduced by Senate Democrats and that it "encompasses the principles that I believe in." Read More

Black Helicopters Alert: Morris Warns Obama Is Pushing For "One World Government"
Fox News contributor Dick Morris told Sean Hannity that "one world government" is "happening." His evidence consists of false statements about a series of treaties, some of which enjoy bipartisan support, are important for U.S. national security, and protect children from exploitation. Read More

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