Saturday, May 12, 2012

Democrat Steve Murphy Confronts Hannity’s B.S. Re “Unvetted” Obama

Sean Hannity has been fixated for months on exposing the “real” Obama, suggesting that there’s some monster hiding behind the façade of the “fake” one. And yet somehow, this big Fox News star has not been able to persuade his own news network to assign a single reporter to the task. 

Instead, Hannity has relied on hacks like the two editors whose “revelations” about the “radical” professor whom Obama praised and hugged in 1990 had already been aired by PBS in 2008. Or Fox's Eric Bolling, who wrongly accused Obama of being a drug dealer and then apologized the next day (though Hannity has not aired a retraction). Friday night (5/11/12), Democrat Steve Murphy called Hannity on some of this baloney.
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