Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sen. Lembke's name removed from birther website, but Google still remembers

Fired Up

Maybe Sen. Jim Lembke found it hard to look like a moderate Republican while supporting a fringe group of right-wing wacko conspiracy theorists?

The post announcing Lembke's participation on birther activist Orly Taitz's website has been removed.

Of course, Google remembers things like this, especially when they're available to the public for a full week.


Chief Birther accuses Fired Up! of TREASON!

Fired Up!

We've been writing about Orly Taitz's July 1 events in Missouri for fellow Obama birth certificate conspiracy theorists, and Taitz is not impressed. Last night on her blog, Taitz posted this about me and the Fired Up! coverage of her support from Sen. Jim Lembke, Rep. Mike McGhee, Rep. Tim Jones, Rep. Cynthia Davis and Rep. Casey Guernsey.

Please write letters of support to those State Representatives and Senator, who have the guts to stand up to usurper Obama. We are sick of Obama’s thugs, like this moron writing under firedupmissouri.com, who has no guts to even give his name . We are fed up with faceless, nameless criminals, who are hacking our blogs, changing pay-pal addresses and erasing info from the docket of the Supreme Court. I hope our law enforcement and judiciary wakes up before they are found guilty of treason together with Obama.

Read Taitz's blog post about the Fired Up! attention here.

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