Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sen. Gregg, who names his earmarks after himself, says stimulus construction signs are ‘political self-interest.’


Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) has introduced a bill “that would prohibit the use of stimulus funds for signs that say a project is being carried out using those funds.” Gregg says his “Axe The Stimulus Plaques Act” is necessary because stimulus construction signs “are simply for political self-interest.” But while Gregg seems intent on concealing the source of funding for infrastructure and other construction projects made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Gregg had no objections to slapping his own name to projects he earmarked for New Hampshire:

– Gregg earmarked $500,000 in federal money to Plymouth State University for the “Judd Gregg Meteorology Institute.”

– “Gregg Hall” at the University of New Hampshire was dedicated after Gregg secured $266 million in federal funds for the university.

– “The Judd Gregg Library” was dedicated after Gregg secured $150,000 for the Nasua Policy Athletic League.

The Center for Responsive Politics has also reported that Gregg helped funnel $66 million in earmarks to help create a business park where Gregg and his brother own up to $1,050,000 in real estate ventures. Given the obvious conflict of interest of that earmark and his own penchant for naming earmark-funded buildings after himself, Gregg’s crusade against stimulus signs might seem a bit trivial.

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