Sunday, June 21, 2009

Glenn Beck Embarks On Another ACORN Smear-a-thon, This Time With A Heavy Dose of Obama Conspiracy Theory

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Glenn Beck must still be feeling the sting of his epic fail at Wednesday night’s ACORN party. Last night (6/19/09), he ramped up the attacks on the party-goer he had smeared the night before, declared ACORN a socialist organization working to destroy, then recreate the American economy, and baselessly suggested that President Obama is actively involved in the conspiracy. With video.

Beck began the discussion by once again attacking ACORN party-goer Heather Booth whose only crime was to speak politely to ambush-reporter Griff Jenkins after being waylaid outside the party.

“So who is this woman?” Beck asked, with sinister implications. He enlisted the services of Matthew Vadum who, like Beck seems to have a special axe to grind against ACORN. Once again, there was nobody to defend Booth nor any voice to counter the inflammatory rhetoric coming from Beck and Vadum. Very fair and balanced - not!

Beck, with his customary exaggerated self-importance, went to a dry erase board with a diagram of a tree to “prove” that because Booth's husband had once been connected to the radical 60’s group SDS (and Bill Ayers, “Professor” Beck neatly threw in), that meant ACORN was “socialist nonsense” connected to violent revolution. For good measure, Beck threw in an attack on President Barack Obama: “Anybody who says, ‘Well, he just knows Bill Ayers; you know he was just a neighbor of Bill Ayers... He knows (his emphasis) all of these people.’” At the top of ACORN’s tree were, as Vadan put it, “the money men who shower ACORN with funds” such as George Soros, “the toxic mortgage king and queen, Herb and Marion Sandler,” Roseanne Barr, and Barbra Streisand...................

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