Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Media Matters Daily Summary 06-30-09

Fox's Baier falsely suggests Obama has cited Canada as possible health reform model
Bret Baier falsely suggested that President Obama has cited Canada's medical system as a "possible model" for his health care reform plan. In fact, Obama has explicitly rejected a Canadian-style health care system. Read More

Politico ignores Roberts, Alito record in claiming Ricci "could tarnish Sotomayor"
A Politico article about the Supreme Court's decision in Ricci v. DeStefano promoted the myth that a Supreme Court reversal is unusual. However, the court has reversed more than 60 percent of the federal appeals court cases it considered each year since 2004. Read More

How ABC News debunked the Obama "honeymoon" myth
Poor Jake Tapper. Read More

Conservatives say Obama is siding with Chavez and Cuba on Honduras
Conservatives in the media have criticized President Obama's condemnation of the Honduran president's ouster, asserting that Obama is taking the same side as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the leadership in Cuba. However, the European Union has also condemned the ouster. Read More

NewsBusters rules in purportedly "bias"-free Fox Nation
Fox Nation -- Fox News' purportedly non-"biased" and "fair and balanced" website -- has frequently promoted posts from the falsehood-ridden conservative blog NewsBusters. Read More

Media use Ricci to revisit "racist" smear of Sotomayor
Conservative media figures have used the Supreme Court's decision in Ricci v. DeStefano to revisit smears that Sonia Sotomayor -- in the words of Rush Limbaugh -- "is racist." Read More

Fox & Friends embraces falsehood undermining "hushed up" EPA report
In an interview with Alan Carlin, co-author of an internal EPA document that the agency allegedly -- in Steve Doocy's words -- "hushed up," Fox & Friends advanced the document's false claim that, as Doocy put it, "for the last 11 years, temperatures had been dropping." Read More

Media cast public plan option as too controversial for passage in Senate
Media outlets have advanced the claim that a public plan option is too far out of the mainstream for the Senate to pass by reporting as fact that health care reform legislation would require 60 votes to pass. In fact, the Senate leadership could add health care reform to the budget reconciliation process, which requires a simple majority to pass. Read More

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