Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daily Squib Smuggles Banned American Shock Jock Michael Savage into Britain

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib has spectacularly circumnavigated the Commissar of the Stasi Police, Colonel Jacqui Smith's orders to ban the radio shock jock from entering Britain.

The American radio 'personality', Michael Savage was secretly smuggled into Britain last night after five harrowing days on the run from British Stasi agents and Politburo officials.

The Daily Squib's covert reporter recalls the arduous journey that took place which could have resulted in all who were involved being incarcerated for the next 42 years in an eco-gulag somewhere in Sector 101 (Northern Soviet Britain):

"We brought Mr Savage into Britain from the coast. We used a yacht in which he was hidden in a fridge unit for the three week journey from Boston. We then transported Mr Savage into a vehicle once we got onto shore. These were the most crucial and tense times for us because a Stasi patrol came past and we had to show our papers. The commandant then checked our Wartburg 353, he even checked the bloody ashtray. What he didn't know of course was that we had hidden Mr Savage in a specially designed area behind the back seat of the car.

"We had to now drive deep into the belly of the beast - to London - where there are more Stasi officers, cameras, listening devices and double agents than at any time in East German or Soviet Russian history. You can't swing a cat in London without it hitting a surveillance camera..............

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