Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Media Matters Daily Summary 06-23-09

Fox's Rosen falsely suggested GOP lawmakers generally agree with McCain on Iran
Fox News' James Rosen falsely suggested Republicans agree with Sen. John McCain's position that President Obama has not stood up "forcefully enough" for the protesters in Iran. Rosen did not point out, as Sen. Lamar Alexander reportedly acknowledged, that "there are different views within the Republican Conference" on the issue. Read More

Media could use a Stonewall uprising of their own
In early May, National Public Radio, a supposed bastion of liberal media bias, found itself in the crosshairs of the lesbian and gay community over an online review of Outrage, a documentary chronicling the hypocrisy of prominent, purportedly closeted politicians with staunchly anti-gay voting records. Read More

Fox's Kelly repeats discredited falsehood about stimulus funds for "abandoned train station"
Megyn Kelly twice repeated the discredited falsehood that "nearly 10 million bucks" in stimulus funds is going to "renovate an abandoned train station that no one uses." Read More

Fox's Hemmer didn't challenge criticism of Obama missile defense cuts
Fox News' Bill Hemmer did not challenge Rep. Trent Franks' criticism of the Obama administration for proposing to reduce the missile defense budget, failing to note that Defense Department officials have testified that the cuts allow them to more effectively manage the fleet of interceptors that counter rogue state threats. Read More

Fox Nation smears Sawyer, saying she's proud of ABC "Infomercial"
A Fox Nation headline declared, "Diane Sawyer 'proud' of Obama Health Care Infomercial." But in a video clip the Fox Nation included, Sawyer stated, "It is not an infomercial. ABC News does not do that." Read More

Media reported conservatives' high cap-and-trade cost estimates, but not lower CBO number
Media outlets that had advanced conservative claims that cap-and-trade legislation would cost thousands of dollars per household have yet to report on a CBO analysis estimating that the net impact to households would be significantly lower for legislation recently passed out of a House committee. Read More

Sammon falsely compares budget reconciliation process to threat of "nuclear option"
Bill Sammon falsely compared the budget reconciliation process some progressives have suggested be used to advance health-care reform legislation to the "nuclear option," which Republicans proposed in 2005 to prohibit filibusters of judicial nominations. Read More

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