Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Media Matters Daily Summary 06-24-09

Beck falsely claimed "bean head" Paul Krugman "missed" the housing bubble
Glenn Beck falsely claimed that Paul Krugman "missed the industry's $8 trillion housing bubble." In fact, Krugman wrote that he was "getting worried" about a "real estate bubble" as early as 2002. Read More

Hannity falsely claimed Pitney "explained" that WH chose his question to Obama
Sean Hannity falsely claimed that Nico Pitney "explained" that the White House "asked him to prepare th[e] question" on Iran he asked President Obama. In fact, both Pitney and the White House deny that Obama had prior knowledge of the question. Read More

Milbank incensed by "planted question" -- but not enough to tell readers what it was
Dana Milbank ridiculed President Obama for taking "a preplanned question" by "a planted questioner," referring to Nico Pitney. But Milbank omitted the substance of Pitney's question, which Michael Tomasky and Glenn Greenwald described as "tough." Read More

CNN's Roberts allows McCaughey to spread falsehoods about health care bill
John Roberts did not challenge Betsy McCaughey's assertion that the Affordable Health Choices Act "basically" "pushes everyone into an HMO-style plan." Read More

Why do the media -- most recently CNN -- enable McCaughey's falsehoods?
CNN again hosted Betsy McCaughey to discuss health care despite the fact that CNN's own health care reporter had to debunk an earlier health care reform assertion advanced by McCaughey. Read More

Hannity advances Cheney's dubious suggestion that troops are immediately Mirandizing detainees
Sean Hannity advanced Liz Cheney's baseless suggestion that U.S. military personnel are administering Miranda warnings to detainees. In fact, the FBI -- not military personnel -- reportedly have been Mirandizing detainees in specific instances. Read More

Roll Call uncritically quotes Boehner falsehood that Dem bill leaves 23 million currently insured with no health coverage
Roll Call uncritically quoted John Boehner's false suggestion that under a health care reform bill drafted by Senate Democrats, "at least 23 million Americans would lose their coverage" and be left without health insurance. Read More

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