Thursday, September 08, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-08-11

Just Trying To Help: Right-Wing Media Advise Obama To Use Jobs Speech To Resign
Right-wing commentators have repeatedly claimed that the best thing President Obama could do during his September 8 speech to Congress is tender his resignation. Read More

Right Wing Makes Use Of NY Times' Shoddy Report On Green Jobs
A New York Times/Bay Citizen article cherry-picked statistics from a Brookings Institution report and reportedly misrepresented interviews to call the goal of creating 5 million green jobs in 10 years a "pipe dream." Conservative media have seized upon the Times article to claim that "even" the "left" agrees that investment in green jobs is a "a waste of money and time." Read More

Memo To Gretchen Carlson: Economists Say Cutting Payroll Tax Would Boost Employment, Economy
Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson suggested cutting payroll taxes has no effect on employment, claiming that she had spoken to "tons" of economists on the subject. In fact, economists agree that cutting the payroll tax would improve the employment situation and benefit the economy. Read More

Right-Wing Media Preview Obama's Jobs Speech By Pushing Myth That Stimulus Failed
In advance of President Obama's speech on job creation, right-wing media have falsely claimed that the stimulus failed. In fact, independent economists agree that the stimulus significantly raised employment and increased GDP, and experts say it is the winding down of stimulus spending that is causing a "fiscal drag" on the economy. Read More

Conservative Media Defend Anti-Consumer, Anti-Jobs AT&T/T-Mobile Merger
The right-wing has labeled the Department of Justice's decision to block the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile as politically motivated and anti-jobs. In fact, experts say the DOJ's decision was based on clear violations of antitrust laws and would both protect consumers and prevent significant job loss. Read More

Social Security Is Not A Ponzi Scheme
Right-wing media outlets have rushed to defend Gov. Rick Perry's false claim that Social Security is a "Ponzi scheme." In fact, experts agree that Social Security's "structure, logic, and mode of operation have nothing in common with Ponzi schemes." Read More

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