Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-27-11

Fox Pushes Misleading Cost-Per-Jobs Math To Attack Jobs Bill
Fox & Friends pushed the claim that the jobs created by President Obama's jobs bill would cost $200,000 per job, with co-host Brian Kilmeade asking, "Is it worth it to get a job that's going to cost the government $200,000?" But former Council of Economic Advisers chair Christina Romer has called this calculation "misleading," and similar claims about jobs created by the stimulus have been described as "bogus." Read More

No, EPA Is Not Hiring 230,000 Workers To Implement Climate Rules
EPA explained in a court brief that by phasing in greenhouse gas regulations and focusing on large sources of emissions, the agency avoids a scenario in which 230,000 new workers would be required. Somehow, the Daily Caller's Matthew Boyle concluded from this that "The EPA is asking taxpayers to fund up to 230,000 new government workers." Other conservative media outlets, including Fox News, repeated Boyle's false report. Read More

Fox Acknowledges Its "Hard Right Turn"
In a Newsweek article titled "Roger's Reality Show," Howard Kurtz wrote that Fox executives acknowledge that the news channel "took a hard right turn." This admission confirms what has long been clear: that Fox's news division has been slanted. Read More

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