Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birthers Fighting Among Themselves About Going After Marco Rubio

One of the birther factions — apparently there’s more than one, even though we have always thought of them as a single amoebic mass of crazy — is starting some hilarious shit about the GOP’s anointed son Florida Senator Marco Rubio with claims that he is not a “natural born citizen,” because he has Cuban parents (the fashionable birther argument du jour is to declare the existence of anyone whose parents were not born in a white country to be totally unconstitutional).

As far as we can tell this is just some inane species of butt hurt retaliation toward the GOP for having grown politically bored with exploiting birther nonsense, but this has other birthers going all nuclear over the claims that Rubio, a notorious teabagger, is a secret communist infiltrator. READ MORE »

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