Friday, September 30, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-30-11

Time Gets Clean Energy Fact Backwards
Suggesting that the failed solar company Solyndra is representative of a larger trend, Time magazine claimed that clean energy jobs grew slower than the economy as a whole between 2003-2010. In fact, the opposite is true. Time's purported source, the Brookings Institution, actually found that clean energy jobs grew "more than twice as fast as the rest of the economy." Read More

Latest Attack On Michelle Obama: She Went To Target
Right-wing media have attacked Michelle Obama for going shopping at Target, claiming she went " 'incognito,' Lady Gaga-style" and asking, "Who does she think she's fooling?" Right-wing media have previously attacked the first lady for everything from promoting health initiaitves to wearing a red dress at a state dinner. Read More

Experts Point Out That Limits On Debit Card Transaction Fees Help Consumers
A Wall Street Journal op-ed attacked a provision of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that limits the fees banks and credit card companies can charge retailers for debit card transactions because Bank of America has imposed a $5 per month fee on transactions as a result of the regulation. But as economist Dean Baker points out, making these costs transparent allows consumers to "decide for themselves whether they want to pay it" unlike the previous system in which the costs of debit cards were hidden from consumers. Read More

Lies, Damn Lies, And Statistics (Planned Parenthood Edition)
In a Washington Times op-ed, Denise Burke of the anti-abortion group Americans United for Life called Planned Parenthood of Indiana an "abortion-saturated" organization and suggested "women's health care isn't [Planned Parenthood's] cause -- it's abortion." However, only about 3.5 percent of Planned Parenthood of Indiana's total services in FY 2010 were abortions. Read More

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