Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hero Columnist Offers To Pay To Drug Test Florida Lawmakers

Florida governor Rick Scott is one of those charming sociopath fundamentalist teabagger fiscal responsibility screamers who will nonetheless spend millions of taxpayer dollars to make absolutely sure that the government isn’t giving a single $104 check to even one poor drug user even as the state cuts school funding, just to prove he is an annoying hardass.

So far, only 2.5% of welfare recipients have tested positive, making this a very expensive joke Rick Scott is playing on poors and taxpayers. But since “government savings” is nominally the reason behind drug testing state check recipients, Miami Herald columnist and novelist Carl Hiaasen, god bless him, proposes lawmakers show a little fairness and participate in a “patriotic whiz-fest” (Maureen Dowd is jealous of this line) where they, too, must all pee in a cup to prove as a group they are as crack-free as 97.5% of welfare recipients. READ MORE »

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