Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-21-11

Fox Aims For Obama But Accidentally Attacks Private Regulators*
On Fox News, Andrea Tantaros and Dana Perino suggested that the Obama Administration was trying to "crush the job creators" by imposing a $15,000 fine on Peter Schiff for "hiring too many workers." However, Schiff's fine was imposed by a private entity. Read More

Eric Bolling: Fox's Conspiracy Man
Fox host Eric Bolling has recently pushed the conspiracy theory that Palestinians are timing their request for the United Nations to recognize their statehood status in order to make President Obama look "pro-Israel." Bolling has repeatedly used his Fox platform to push conspiracy theories against the president. Read More

REPORT: Economists Shut Out Of Debt-Ceiling Debate
A Media Matters analysis of evening cable news programs reveals that just 4.1 percent of guests who discussed the debt-ceiling debate were actual economists. This lack of credible economic experts helped create a media environment in which political and media figures could spread misinformation. Read More

Fox Reporter Uses Outdated Figure To Scaremonger About "Unfunded Liabilities"
Fox News reporter Jim Angle claimed Social Security and Medicare have "$46 trillion in unfunded liabilities," even though more recent data shows a significantly lower figure. Experts have said that the term "unfunded liabilities" is a "scare tactic" used by detractors of Social Security and Medicare, and that it's "misleading" to report future obligation costs without putting them into context by describing what share of the economy they represent. Read More

Progressive Economists Refute AP, Defend The Buffett Rule
The conservative media have echoed the criticisms made by a misleading Associated Press "fact check" of President Obama's statements about taxation and the Buffett Rule he has been promoting. Progressive economists have rebutted the AP's criticisms and lent support to his proposals. Read More

Limbaugh Uses Economic Falsehoods To Attack Jobs Bill
Rush Limbaugh has resorted to repeating discredited or misleading claims - that "the rich are not richer than they've ever been" and that the number of millionaires in the U.S. has decreased -- in order to dismiss President Obama's newly proposed jobs plan. Read More

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