Monday, September 19, 2011

Andrew Breitbart Longing To Shoot The Next Person Who Insults Him

Screw Barack Obama and the pussy liberals with their “class warfare.” Conservative anger bear furry and professional Twitter troll Andrew Breitbart wants “warfare warfare,” because he is just murderously sick and tired of being called a homo by everyone, on Twitter.

HOW DARE THESE PEOPLE. Andrew Breitbart is the world’s biggest victim, Andrew Breitbart in case you had forgotten about him during the time it took you to read those other words, Andrew Breitbart, and he is not afraid to “fire the first shot” in the bloody national civil war between conservatives and liberals that is about to start, tomorrow probably, over the mean things the Internet is saying about Andrew Breitbart.

Bring it on, General Janeane Garofalo (?), you and your army of socialist space robots do not stand a chance. Video of Andrew Breitbart’s insane call to war, after the jump! READ MORE »

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