Monday, September 12, 2011

Chicago Tribune Gitmos Comic Strip For Talking Smack About Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s hated author-neighbor enemy Joe McGinnis will soon release his secret spy diary of sexy details about the Palin family’s Satanic backyard meth-gobbling rituals, and it is apparently super juicy, in terms of Sarah Palin being an awful moron! Blah blah, that is not the “news part,” because that is not “news.”

The actual faux-controvery surrounding Sarah Palin’s mind-numbing existence today comes courtesy of the fact that McGinnis gave an advanced copy of the book to “Doonesbury” comic strip author Gary Trudeau, who pulled some random embarrassing anecdote from one of Sarah Palin’s old advisers as fodder for his most recent syndicated political cartoon. This is illegal, in journalism, according to the Chicago Tribune, which has removed the cartoon. Why? BECAUSE, UH, FACT CHECKING. READ MORE »

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