Friday, September 09, 2011

Joe Walsh Heroically Sues Ex-Wife To Avoid Supporting His Children

Let us sum up teabagger barbie Joe Walsh’s congressional accomplishments to date, because it’s an easy one: nothing. Joe Walsh is mostly the “if serial deadbeat Christine O’Donnell were actually elected” alternate universe equivalent of someone who miraculously got a job in Congress for blathering shrill, hypocritical nonsense on Fox News all the time as though that was his sole job description. (Sarah Palin has a lock on that spot, sorry.)

In his case, we say “hypocritical” because the only thing Joe super hates more than “fiscal irresponsibility” is paying child support for his own kids. The intelligent human that Joe Walsh is not would try to settle immediately and make this embarrassing scandal go away, but Joe has decided to go the “maximum dickhead” route and sue his ex-wife for her trouble. READ MORE »

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