Friday, September 23, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-23-11

Not "Very Helpful"? Carlson Advances Myth That Obama Hasn't Increased Border Security
Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson claimed that Gov. Rick Perry was "exactly right" when he said that the federal government has "not engaged ... at all" in border security. In fact, under President Obama, deportations have increased -- including deportations of convicted criminals -- and the number of border patrol agents and funding for border security projects have also increased. Read More

Krauthammer Revives Misleading Claim That Obama Will Raise Taxes On 50% Of "Small Business" Income
In his Washington Post column, Charles Krauthammer claimed that an increase in the marginal tax rate for those making over $250,000 would affect half the income made by small businesses. However, experts have said that business income on individual tax returns does not necessarily reflect what most consider small businesses, but includes such enterprises as law partnerships and real estate investments. Read More

Bill O'Reilly Calls On Obama To Pursue 1960s Tax Reform
Fox News' Bill O'Reilly is urging President Obama to follow President John F. Kennedy's footsteps and propose lowering taxes for the rich to spur economic growth. But during Kennedy's term, the top marginal tax rate stood at 91 percent and his proposal would have lowered it to 65; whereas, the top marginal rate today is a historically low 35 percent. Read More

GOP Debate Puts National Spotlight On Fox's Use Of "Illegals" Slur
At the Fox News-Google GOP presidential debate, co-moderator Chris Wallace used the pejorative term "illegals" to refer to undocumented immigrants and read a question from the public that used the term, as well. Journalists have called on the media to stop using the term "illegals," but Fox's "straight news" shows use it consistently nonetheless. Read More

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