Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-13-11

Like Clockwork, Right-Wing Media Cry Voter Fraud In Advance Of NY Election
In advance of a special election in New York's Ninth Congressional District, Fox News and National Review Online are raising the specter of voter fraud in case a Democrat wins the seat. In fact, the evidence they are citing has been debunked, and right-wing media regularly cry voter fraud when elections are close. Read More

Fox Gets Stimulus, Jobs Bill Wrong In Only Four Words
While discussing President Obama's American Jobs Act, Fox & Friends asked if the bill is "another failed stimulus plan." In fact, not only did the 2009 stimulus boost the economy and increase employment, economists predict the American Jobs Act will also likely add millions of jobs to the economy. Read More

Fox Greets Obama's Jobs Bill With Tired "Class Warfare" Attack
Fox figures have responded to President Obama's jobs plan by accusing Obama of engaging in "class warfare." Fox has a long history of attacking Obama's policies and comments as "class warfare" while engaging in class warfare itself. Read More

Right-Wing Media Ignore Tax Cuts In Obama's Jobs Bill To Spin Plan As "All About Tax Hikes"
Right-wing media are portraying President Obama's recently released jobs plan as being "all about tax hikes." In fact, more than half of the bill's cost comes from tax cuts for small businesses and extending the payroll tax cut for millions of Americans, which experts say will boost both employment and the economy. Read More

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