Monday, September 26, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-26-11

Fox's Johnson Proves Obama's Point: Fox Peddles "Inadequate Information"
Fox's Peter Johnson Jr. distorted recent comments by President Obama, falsely claiming that "[i]n effect, the president is saying that the American people are a stupid, dissatisfied electorate who are poisoned and brainwashed by Fox News." But Obama said that supporters should "push back" on Fox's "inadequate information" -- a statement that is justified by Fox's regular distortions. Read More

Fox's Weeklong Attack On Government Regulations Was Dreamed Up By Ailes
During the week of September 12, Fox's "straight news" division launched a weeklong attack on government regulations, including child labor, workplace safety, and civil rights laws. Fox's war on regulation, which mirrors Republican talking points, has now been revealed to be the brainchild of Fox News president Roger Ailes. Read More

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