Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-07-11

Fox's Crowley Is "Complete[ly]" Wrong About Balance Of Private, Public Employment Under Obama
Fox News contributor Monica Crowley said that "under this administration, you have had a complete overturning of the balance where the private sector has been the vast majority of American workers and American economic life." In fact, the private sector still employs "the vast majority of American workers" -- about five times more than does government. Read More

Unions Everywhere: Fox Bashes Infrastructure Spending As A "Union Bailout"
Fox News figures have repeatedly decried any spending on infrastructure as a "union bailout" and have suggested that infrastructure spending only benefits organized labor. But economists agree that infrastructure spending helps the economy as a whole and that the country's infrastructure badly needs repair and replacing. Read More

Fox Turns To Coulter To Decry Inflammatory Rhetoric
In Fox News' latest effort to demagogue James Hoffa's Labor Day speech urging supporters to vote out Republican members of Congress, Fox & Friends attempted to get Fox News contributor and right-wing pundit Ann Coulter to decry Hoffa for supposedly using inflammatory rhetoric. Coulter has previously fantasized about poisoning a Supreme Court justice, suggested that Bill Clinton should have been "impeach[ed] or assassinate[d]," and is currently hawking a book in which she paints her political opponents as "demonic." Read More

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