Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-06-11

Fox's Trumped Up Attack On Hoffa Just Latest Example Of Their Selective Outrage
Fox has repeatedly attacked Teamsters president James Hoffa's statement that union members should "take these son of a bitches out" at a Labor Day rally, suggesting his comments constituted "a call for violence [toward] peaceful tea party members." But Hoffa was not endorsing violence -- he was urging his audience to remove elected officials by voting; furthermore, Fox has a history downplaying explicit threats or violent rhetoric when they are directed at Democrats and progressives. Read More

Fox "Straight News" Reporters Attack Clean Energy Investments
Fox News' supposedly "straight news" reporters recently asserted that federal investments in clean energy are wasteful and that the costs of green jobs outweigh the benefits. These claims are contradicted by several studies showing clean energy investments create more jobs than several other types of investments. Read More

Wash. Post Continues To Publish George Will's Climate Change Misinformation
In his syndicated Washington Post column, chronic climate change misinformer George Will falsely suggested that a supposed "global cooling" scare in the 1970's is comparable to the current scientific consensus on global warming. Read More

Timeline Of A Right-Wing Media Smear: Hoffa's Call To Vote Became "A Call For Violence"
After Fox News aired a doctored version of Teamsters president James Hoffa's Labor Day speech, the right-wing media pointed to the clearly edited video to accuse Hoffa of encouraging violence against conservatives. In fact, unaltered video -- video aired by Fox hours after the clearly edited version had been heavily promoted throughout the conservative media -- shows that Hoffa was encouraging the crowd to vote against Republicans in the 2012 election. Read More

Dishonest Hoffa Reporting Is Just Latest Attempt By Fox To Smear Unions As Violent Thugs
Fox News dishonestly edited a Labor Day speech by Teamsters President James Hoffa to push the falsehood that Hoffa encouraged violence against Tea Party activists. This is the latest example of Fox's pattern of smearing union leaders, members, and supporters as violent thugs. Read More

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