Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wise CEO Suggests Heavier Taxes On Poor People To Help Weary Rich People

Taxes on the rich would be very, very bad. All Americans learned this from our first constitutional president, Ronald Reagan, which is why his illegitimate son — the Keynesian Kenyan economist Barack Obama — keeps prattling on about the need for the top 1% to pay their “fair share.” But as common-folk hero Eric Cantor can tell you, taxes on the rich are literally the murderers of innocent, mostly nonexistent jobs.

With much of the remaining U.S. service sector now devoted to carrying sacks of Rolex watches and diamond-studded vibrators to Charles Koch’s chauffeured Bentley or sponge-bathing David Koch’s liver spots with whale oil, the redistribution of wealth from “people in general” to a handful of gazillionaires has put more pressure on the rich to keep being insanely rich. Who will make the nation’s poor finally take their medicine, for America? READ MORE »

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