Friday, August 12, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 08-12-11

Synergy: News Corp. Attacks EPA For Cutting Air Pollution
Using a series of misleading talking points, News Corporation's Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and Fox have accused the Obama administration of waging a "war on coal" because the EPA has moved to limit toxic air pollution from power plants. In reality, the EPA is issuing these rules because the Bush administration's regulations were rejected by courts, and the revised rules are expected to have significant public health benefits. Read More

Right-Wing Media Erase Conservative Cash In WI Recall Elections
Right-wing media have falsely claimed that "unions and left-wing groups" spent roughly $30 million, or have otherwise ignored money spent by conservative groups, to influence the recent Wisconsin recall elections. In fact, about $30 million was reportedly spent by right-wing and left-wing groups combined, "with a slight edge possible to Republicans overall." Read More

Dear Limbaugh, Critics Accused You Of "Lying" With Good Reason
Rush Limbaugh complained recently that critics constantly accuse him of "lying" and "making [things] up," a charge he steadfastly dismissed. However, Media Matters has rounded up some of the whoppers he's told this week alone. Read More

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