Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peter King Does Not Like What He Read In Maureen Dowd’s Intelligence Report

It was a foregone conclusion that a) Hollywood was going to make one of these pro-endless war propaganda films about the bin Laden raid; b) the movie will have some nice things to say about Barack Obama; c) some Republican somewhere would complain about this. Enter GOP Rep.

Peter King, who is freaked out because he heard that the White House is shipping Xerox copies of all its national security secrets to Hollywood, to make sure the filmmakers can make the story as accurate as possible because that’s what Hollywood always does. What’s your source for that shocking reportage, Rep. King? Oh, Maureen Dowd?

Yes, Maureen Dowd. Here is another sentence from that same column that is scaring Peter King: “Barack Obama blazed like Luke Skywalker in 2008, but he never learned to channel the Force. And now the Tea Party has run off with his light saber.” Is it possible that this information is mostly a product of Maureen Dowd’s latest fever dream breakup with her sissy on-and-off again boyfriend, Barack Obama? READ MORE »

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