Friday, August 12, 2011

Rick Perry Metaphor of the Day: Texans Forced to Consume Own Sewage

The situation with the drought in Texas has gotten so awful that state officials are being forced to begin recycling urine and sewage to come up with drinking water for its population.

Texas is not the first state to be forced to treat its sewage for human drinking (looking at you, southern California), but said another way, “the godforsaken climate in our state is so terrible that we are compelled to tolerate the consumption of our own recycled waste products” almost feels like we are reading an article about Rick Perry’s presidential run.

It certainly has that whole “didn’t we flush some terrible, illiterate frat boy Texas turd giving us a stomachache down the toilet probably a few years ago? Why is it back again in our drinking water? Do we have to swallow?” feeling to it. How excited is everybody about this? READ MORE »

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