Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Air Force Birther Moran Threatens…Something… Until Obama Is Arrested

Someone is a little late to this party, hmm? Staff sergeant Moran (his real name, for real, real as they come) heard a totally wicked story “from some guy” that President Obama is a godless robot with a fake human birth certificate. QRAZY, RIGHT?

Sergeant Moran is just as freaked out as everyone else, and he has some incoherent demands to make. Moran taped a video of himself claiming to be AWOL from his duties in Germany (he wasn’t), dared the Air Force to arrest him or Obama, and them rambled for a while about secret emails with “a lady” (hello, Orly Taitz) and some stuff about Jesus.

Oh yeah and, “In identifying [Obama] as my enemy and proclaiming him to be the enemy of the entire country, I squarely place myself in the same situation as himself,” whatever that means/ means that Moran is a homo Muslim robot.

Well frankly, we do not really believe Sergeant Moran really who he says he is. No one just grows his birther wings now for the very first time, in 2011, over two years late. So yeah, uh, let’s roll the video! READ MORE »

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