Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fox News Refuses to Let Gay Candidate Join Iowa Presidential Debate

There is some other GOP presidential candidate we never actually even heard of named Fred Karger, but he is according to some poll tied with Tim Pawlenty, which feels about right. Karger is also one of the vanishingly rare openly gay Republicans people hear about on quiet days when the wind is still, which means Fox News will not be allowing him to participate in their upcoming Iowa presidential debate. WHY EVER NOT??

Here, let us make a simile: showing a gay on Fox News who might “do something gay” like pull some kind of gay guerrilla move like blowing a kiss to Rick Santorum or mention gays don’t deserve the death penalty or WORSE YET MENTION THAT GAY MARRIAGE IS IRRELEVANT TO THE ECONOMY, on screen, live, is equal to the kind of terror Fox News debate producers feel when they imagine an out-of-left-field Michele Bachmann – Herman Cain french kiss. READ MORE »

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