Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jan Brewer Can’t Write Her Book Because Obama Always Bothering Her

Jan Brewer is writing some hottt new political book about the meth orgies Bristol Palin used to throw with Jesus and Joe Arpaio in the basement of Bristol’s bland foreclosed Arizona drug palace, but Brewer is a little behind on the manuscript deadline already slated for release on November 1 for reasons oh-so beyond her control. Who is there to blame?

Maybe her legislative agenda or her hair appointments or just some random brown guy always named José? NO, GUESS HARDER. No? Oh fine, it’s Barack Obama causing all problems, as usual. “I’m working away, trying to get this all done on the weekends and late at night, trying to get it done, and all of a sudden, here we go: he starts it all up again,” she told a reporter. What’s Obama doing, calling her on the phone every night to leave sexy messages reminding her she looks like John McCain in drag? READ MORE »

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