Monday, August 22, 2011

Mitt Romney’s $12 Million Mansion ‘Inadequate,’ Needs Bigger One

Space cult robot with stiff gears Mr. Mitt Romney and his family are crammed inside his $12 million hovel in San Diego like the toes bursting out of a ragged pair of hobo socks, so Mittens will be forced to quadruple the shit out of his waterfront mansion in La Jolla just as soon as he can get the permits. Disgustingly enormous luxury homes are people, too!

Having only 3,009 square feet is like a mugging on Christmas, which Mittens says is an “inadequate” situation for America and for Mitt Romney’s needs. An 11,062-square-foot mansion sounds more like basic human dignity. Let’s see a picture of his current tiny hobo shack, after the jump! READ MORE »

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