Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 08-17-11

Right-Wing Media Mock Vilsack For Accurately Calling Food Stamps "Economic Stimulus"
Right-wing media mocked Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack for stating that food stamps are "economic stimulus." In fact, experts agree that food stamps are one of the most effective forms of economic stimulus. Read More

Fox's Bolling Baselessly Attacks Infrastructure Bank Plan As Union Handout
Fox Business host Eric Bolling attacked President Obama's call for a national infrastructure bank, calling it "a tip of the hat to the unions." In fact, the most recent proposal for such a bank was sponsored by one Democratic senator and two Republican senators; the plan is supported not only by unions but also by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; and a Moody's Analytics director called the infrastructure bank plan a "win-win" for the economy. Read More

Just "Texas Swagger": Fox Figures Defend Perry's Comments About Bernanke
Following Gov. Rick Perry's comment that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke would be "almost treasonous" if he "prints more money between now and the election," Fox figures have defended Perry by claiming that he's "passionate," using his "Texas swagger," and that the "fundamental point he makes is totally true." Read More

Right-Wing Media Push Bogus "CDLs For All Farmers" Claim, Even After It Was Discredited
Even after the U.S. Department of Transportation issued a statement saying that it will not require farmers to obtain commercial driver's licenses (CDLs), members of the right-wing media continued to promote the claim. Read More

Why Is Fox Going To Joe Bastardi For Climate Change Analysis?
Fox News and Fox Business Network frequently host Joe Bastardi to comment on climate change. But Bastardi, who is a weather forecaster, not a climate researcher, has made inaccurate claims about climate science on multiple occasions and is not seen by experts as a credible source of climate information. Read More

Conservative Media Identify Latest Stealth Jihadi: Rick Perry
The anti-Muslim segment of the conservative media has identified yet another Republican as a traitor to America because he is supposedly too close to Muslims. The current target is Governor Rick Perry (R-TX), labeled as the "5th column candidate" by Pamela Geller because of his ties to Muslim leader Aga Khan IV and others. Read More

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