Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-26-11

Fox's Varney Falsely Claims "Virtually Nothing" Has Come From Wind, Solar Subsidies
On The O'Reilly Factor, Fox Business host Stuart Varney claimed that subsidies for wind and solar power have resulted in "[v]irtually nothing." In fact, reports show that wind and solar power are rapidly growing sources of electric power in the United States. Read More

Conservative Media Push Falsehood That Obama Wants To Balance Budget By Raising Taxes Alone
The right-wing media are deceptively suggesting that, in the words of The New York Post, President Obama is "focused on raising income -- and possibly payroll -- taxes on the wealthiest Americans" rather than making cuts in spending to fix the current deficit problem. In fact, Obama has proposed significant spending cuts, and experts say it is impossible to balance the budget without some tax increases. Read More

Right-Wing Media Gin Up Another Faux Controversy To Attack Obama's Faith
Right-wing media are using the fact that President Obama did not issue an Easter message to again question whether he is really a Christian. Conservative media have long engaged in a dishonest campaign to question and lie about Obama's faith. Read More

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