Friday, April 22, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-22-11

Right-Wing Media Celebrate Earth Day By Mocking Conservation
In the lead-up to Earth Day, members of the right-wing media have ridiculed conservation efforts and downplayed the concerns of environmentalists. This is nothing new for conservative media figures who have, in the past, used the Earth Day to attack conservationists by urging audiences to cut down trees and increase their energy consumption. Read More

Fox Falsely Claims It Has "Confirmed" That "Feds Ordered Not To Arrest Illegals"
Despite repeated denials from government officials, Fox claims to have "confirmed" that federal law enforcement officials have been ordered not to arrest undocumented immigrants, supposedly as a way for the government to lessen apprehension numbers at the border. In fact, the weak U.S. economy and the Obama administration's stepped-up enforcement efforts are principal factors in the decline. Read More

Fox & Friends Cherry-Picks, Distorts Data On Gas Prices
A Fox & Friends graphic purporting to show gas prices in selected states all over the country featured the seven states and areas with the country's highest average gas prices and displayed prices that were significantly above each state's respective average. Read More

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