Monday, April 18, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-18-11

Conservative Media Revive "Class Warfare" Talking Point To Attack Obama's Budget Proposal
Conservative media responded to President Obama's budget speech by attacking it as a "class warfare debacle." Conservatives have repeatedly dredged up the same tired "class warfare" talking point to attack progressives on tax policy or other matters. Read More

Fox Adopts GOP Talking Point That Deficit Is A "Spending Problem, Not A Revenue Problem"
In the past week, Fox News figures have adopted the GOP talking point that the nation's deficit is a "spending problem, not a revenue problem." But numerous economic experts have said that decreased revenue is a major cause of the deficit. Read More

Fox & Friends Celebrates Tax Day By Complaining Obama Is "Soak[ing] The Rich"
Fox & Friends marked Tax Day by repeatedly complaining that the wealthy pay a significant portion of federal income taxes, while claiming that President Obama's deficit reduction plan amounts to "soak[ing] the rich." Fox & Friends also ignored proposed spending cuts to suggest Obama's deficit plan only consists of tax increases. Read More

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