Friday, April 08, 2011

Boehner To Wreck America Over Ladies Getting Their Hoohaws Examined

So why is the “World’s Greatest Nation of Health Care” about to shut down, again? Right, because crybaby jerkwad John Boehner hates evil womenfolk so much and all his misogynist closet-case Republican donors hate women so much and did you know what is gross? A woman, with her “lady parts” and all wanting to “not have crotch cancer” or whatever.

Ladies are disgusting, because if you need to put a penis somewhere, what on earth is wrong with a young boy’s mouth? And these gross things, the womens, think they will get some kind of “contraception” or “cancer screening” even though they are poor? Jezebels! Burn in hell with cancer, Jezebels! Whores of Babylon! READ MORE »

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