Friday, April 15, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-15-11

Eric Bolling Calls Standard Economic Language "Obama Math"
Eric Bolling deceptively edited President Obama's remarks on the need to "reduce spending in the tax code" and accused him of using "fuzzy math, Obama math." In comments Bolling excised out of the address, Obama made clear he was comparing "tax expenditures" to spending, a comparison economists routinely use. Read More

Fox Dutifully Adopts GOP Talking Points On Obama's Budget Speech
Following the GOP response to President Obama's speech on his budget plan, Fox News figures have repeatedly echoed the idea that it was an "excessively partisan" "campaign speech," along with several other GOP talking points. Read More

Right-Wing Media's History Of Unhinged Attacks On Planned Parenthood
Conservative media have gone to great lengths to portray Planned Parenthood as an organization of "child killers" bent on eliminating entire minority populations. These unhinged claims have led to sexist attacks on women and women's health services. Read More

Serial Health Care Fearmongerers Fox & Friends Attack Obama for "Scaring" Seniors
After President Obama pointed out cuts in Rep. Paul Ryan's budget to elderly care and education programs, Fox & Friends reacted by accusing Obama of "playing on the public's fear." But Fox & Friends has relentlessly attacked the health care bill by advancing the false "death panels" myth and criticizing cuts in Medicare, whereas experts agree with Obama that Ryan's plan will hurt seniors. Read More

Fox's "Straight News" Wildly Overinflates GOP Budget's Effect On Deficit
Carl Cameron reported that Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal would "cut more than $6 trillion from the federal debt of $14 trillion over the course of the next 10 years." In fact, Ryan's proposal claims that it would reduce the federal deficit by $1.6 trillion over the next 10 years -- not reduce the federal debt by $6 trillion. Read More

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