Monday, April 11, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-11-11

Right-Wing Media Use Plouffe's Comments To Invent Suggestion That Obama Is "Afraid" Of Trump
Following Obama adviser David Plouffe's comments that Donald Trump's birther claims are a "sideshow" and that Trump has "zero chance" of being elected president, right-wing media have responded by suggesting that the Obama administration is "afraid" of Trump or is "worried" about him. Read More

After Rooting For Shutdown, Fox Praises Republicans For Budget Deal
Fox repeatedly pushed for a government shutdown if all Republican demands regarding the budget were not met. But after a budget deal was struck between the White House and congressional leaders to avert a shutdown, Fox immediately shifted its talking points to praise House Speaker John Boehner and congressional Republicans for negotiating a deal. Read More

Dobbs Falsely Claims "Very Few" State And Local Government Jobs Have Been Eliminated
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs claimed that "very few jobs have been lost" at the local and state levels in the last few years. In fact, state and local governments have shed more than 500,000 jobs since July 2008 -- while the private sector is in its 12th month of job growth. Read More

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